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COVID-19 Information

How we are impacted:

1. A stressed-out supply chain: Due to an overwhelming demand for orders, we as well as our vendors and other logistics partners have experienced unanticipated strain that goes beyond all limits of our capacity. We anticipate this to continue for quite some time.

2. Data outages: As a result of the overwhelming demand we are experiencing, we are also struggling to update our data. Our partners have experienced the same issue and, likewise, are processing data improperly. We are working to address this issue.

3. Fulfillment issues: As a result of the latest environment, our fulfillment operation has been impacted. This because we are in the process of aggressively expanding our staff while respecting the needs of staff that are unable to attend work due to their family commitments.  Aside from staffing issues, we have experienced a shift in customer preferences. The average package weight has approximately doubled and we are shipping goods that are more fragile. This has caused our processing times to increase, thereby impacting our shipment schedule.

4. Carrier disruptions: Thankfully, we haven't had too many carrier issues with pickups. However, we have been advised that USPS Priority Mail packages may be delayed and FedEx packages to commercial addresses may be returned if no one is there to receive them.

We are monitoring these issues and continue to address them as we try to navigate this unthinkable chain of events. 



We are in the midst of a public health crisis. While supply is not limited, the general supply chain is overwhelmed while demand for most grocery products seems unlimited.  Anything can cause a delay in shipment. For example, not enough staff may show up for work, computer systems overload, trucks break down, packing supplies may not even get delivered in time to pack orders. The possibility of failure at every level is completely realistic and may result in a chain reaction.

Lead-time: While a 1-2 day lead-time may have been acceptable previously, it is not completely impossible. Consumers are growing to understand that and are adjusting their tolerance to 2 weeks+. There is no need to offer a 2 day lead time when a 2 week lead time is now the norm.

Bulk orders: If you plan on submitting a bulk order, please contact us before you place it to confirm we can accommodate. In some cases, the brand itself will insist that we refrain from allocating large amounts of inventory to a sole merchant.

Please do not overburden our customer service agents. Understand we are trying to do the best we can during very extreme times. Any sort of abuse, harassment or otherwise abusive behavior will not be tolerated and will be subject to deactivation of your account.



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